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Joe Benson has hosted the nationally syndicated OFF THE RECORD program since 1998. Not only does Uncle Joe share his vast knowledge of classic rock artists and play their their best music, through his in-depth conversations with the artists, you'll hear many of their behind the scenes stories. Off The Record airs weekly on over 60 stations nationwide.

For more information, drop Joe a line!

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This weekend of March 6/7, OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson will feature The Best of 2020 and conversations withDoug 'Cosmo' Clifford of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dennis De Young of Styx, Kansas, Eddie Van Halen and Rush's Neal Preston!

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The weekend of February 20/21, over 70 affiliates featured the nationally syndicated OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson featured conversation with Sammy Hagar and his new "Live 2020" LP !

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: How/where do I hear the show?
J.B.: If you can't find an affiliate within your listening range listed on this page, then check out a couple of stations that stream on the Internet — but check them out before OFF THE RECORD is supposed to air! If you can't get one station to stream through your computer, then go to another. But do it before the program is supposed to air!

#2: Are the listed air times for the show accurate?
J.B.: To the best of our knowledge, the listed times are when OFF THE RECORD airs on our affiliates. But to be 100% sure, you personally need to verify the information by calling the station (check with directory assistance or look under "Contacts" on their website for the phone number). Unfortunately, most 21st century radio stations are extremely short-staffed, so don't count on a timely reply to your last minute e-mail inquiry.

#3: Can I get/buy a copy of the show?
J.B.: No, copies of OFF THE RECORD are not available legally. Since its very beginning, the program has been produced solely for broadcast. And be assured that Westwood One's legal team aggressively pursues protection of its copyrights.

#4: Can you please forward/give/ask/tell...
J.B.: I have been dealing with artists on the air since 1968 and have been doing OFF THE RECORD since 1998. No matter what my personal relationships with individual artists entail, my professional relationship with each one does not include passing along personal messages/phone numbers/e-mail addresses/photos/items of clothing or food.

J.B.: I do want to thank my many guests for allowing us insight into their lives, and thank you for your support over the years! After all, it is all about the music!

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Here's a Partial Listing
of Stations that Air
OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson

** contact your station to confirm air times **

WFXO - 105.9fm, Southside, AL
6am Sundays

KBKG - 93.5fm, Corning, AR
6pm Sundays

KAGL - 93.3fm, El Dorado, AR
1pm Sundays

KDFO - 98.5fm, Bakersfield/Delano, CA
9pm Sundays

KZRO - 100.1fm, Mount Shasta/Dunsmuir, CA
11am & 7pm Sundays

KMRJ - 99.5fm, Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs, CA
8pm Sundays

KTYD - 99.9fm, Santa Barbara, CA
8pm Sundays

KZOZ - 93.3fm, San Luis Obispo, CA
7am Sundays

KCRT - 92.5fm, Trinidad, CO
6pm Sundays

WDNN - 95.5
WNDT - 92.5
WNDN - 107.9fm, Gainesville/Ocala, FL

8am & 8pm Sundays

WSRQ - 1220am, Sarasota/Braden, FL
9pm Saturdays

WEKL - 105.7fm, Augusta, GA
6am Sundays

KECH - 95.3fm, Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID
6pm Sundays

KOZE - 96.5fm, Lewiston, ID
7am Sundays

WQLF - 102.1fm, Lena/Freeport, IL
Noon Sundays

WGKC - 105.9fm, Champaign/Urbana, IL
Noon Sundays

WQCY - 103.9fm, Quincy, IL
8am Sundays

WKYT - 105.5fm, Wilmington, IL
8am Sundays

WIMS - 1420am, Michigan City, IN
2pm Saturdays

KROS - 1340AM, Clinton, IA
10pm Saturdays

KCQQ 106.5fm
Davenport/Rock Island, IA
8pm Sundays

KLKK 103.7fm
Mason City, IA
5am Saturdays
9am Sundays

KZMZ - 96.9fm, Alexandria, LA
7am Saturdays

WKIT - 100.3fm, Bangor, ME
8am Sundays

WKGO - 106.1fm, Cumberland, MD
10am Sundays

WLAV - 96.9fm, Grand Rapids, MI
7pm Sundays

WIMK - 93.1fm Iron Mountain, MI
6am Sundays

WUPK - 94.1fm Marquette, MI
9am Fridays

KLIZ - 107.5fm, Brainerd, MN
9pm Sundays

KFMC - 106.5fm, Fairmont, MN
8am Sundays

KRXL - 94.5fm, Kirksville, MO
6pm Sundays

KOZX - 98.1fm, Mountain Grove, MO
9am Sundays

KMYK - 93.5fm, Osage Beach, MO
10am Sundays

New York
WRCD - 101.5fm, Canton, NY
11pm Sundays

WQRS - 98.3fm, Olean, NY
11pm Sundays

North Carolina
WZGV - 730am, Cramerton, NC
6am Sundays

North Dakota
KZPR - 105.3fm, Minot, ND
7pm Sundays

WONE - 97.5fm, Akron, OH
11pm Sundays

WEGE - 104.9fm, Lima, OH
6pm Saturdays

KCRX - 102.3fm, Astoria/ Seaside Falls, OR
11am Sundays

KAGO - 99.5fm, Klamath Falls, OR
7pm Sundays

KGON - 92.3fm, Portland, OR
8am Sundays

WLEM - 1250am, Emporium, PA
8am Sundays

WRKT - 100.9fm, Erie, PA
6am Saturdays

WQCM - 94.3fm, Greencastle, PA
7am Sundays

WCHX - 105.5fm, Lewistown, PA
11pm Sundays

WEGH - 107.3fm, Northumberland, PA
7pm Sundays

South Dakota
KFXS - 100.3fm, Rapid City, SD
10am Sundays

WBXE - 93.7, Baxter/Cookville, TN
9am Saturdays

WQAK - 105.7fm, Union City/Fulton, TN
9am Sundays

WQMV - 1060am, Waverly, TN
11am Thursdays

KARX - 95.7fm, Amarillo, TX
8pm Sundays

KPUS - 104.5fm, Gregory/Corpus Christi, TX
9am Saturdays
11pm Sundays

KKRW - 93.7fm, Houston, TX
6am Saturdays

KJKB - 95.5fm, Jacksboro, TX
6pm Sundays

KWFR - 101.9fm, San Angelo, TX
Noon Sundays

KRSP - 103.5fm, Salt Lake City, UT
7pm Sundays

KDUX - 104.7fm, Aberdeen, WA
9am Sundays

KZOK - 102.5fm, Seattle, WA
Midnight Sunday nights

KPKL - 107.1fm, Spokane, WA
11pm Fridays

WKLH - 96.5fm, Milwaukee, WI
9pm Sundays

WKFX 99.1fm, Rice Lake, WI
9am Sundays

KZJH - 95.3fm, Jackson, WY
9pm Sundays

KRVK - 107.9fm, Vista West/Casper, WY
9pm Sundays

Def Leps Rick Savage & Joe Elliott w/J.B.

Having fun with Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage and frontman Joe Elliott.

Producer Ken Scott w/J.B.

Hanging with Beatles/Bowie/Supertramp producer Ken Scott on a sunny day.

Ol' buds Joe Walsh & Joe Benson.

It's Joe Walsh!

J.B. & Glenn Frey.

Unc and Eagles mastermind Glenn Frey — the stories they could tell!

Steve Perry w/Unc.

Steve Perry and J.B. in the studio.

w/drumming bros. Carmine & Vinny Appice.

Getting choked up with legendary drumming gods Carmine & Vinny Appice.

Unc w/Alice Cooper 252x185px

Talking rock & hot rods with Alice Cooper!

J.B. w/Nick Mason.

After catching up on Pink Floyd and fast cars, Nick Mason and J.B. shared a moment in the sun.

w/Chickenfoot's Michael Anthony & Joe Satriani.

Chickenfoot hand signs — yeow! Michael Anthony and Joe Satriani signing with their Unc.

George Thorogood  & Unc.

Striking a manly man pose with old friend George Thorogood.

INXS' Andrew, Jon & Tim Farriss w/J.B.

One of these is not like the others: Unc with Andrew, Jon and Tim Farriss of INXS.

J.B. & Sammy Hagar w/their books.

Sharing reading material and a laugh with Sammy Hagar.

Unc with Roger Hodgson & Ken Scott.

Good times with Roger Hodgson and Supertramp producer Ken Scott. (Photo by TourBus Live)

Birthday boys Paul Rodgers & Joe Benson.

Hanging with one of the greatest voices in all of Rock & Roll: Paul Rodgers of Free/Bad Company/Queen fame.

Geddy & Joe.

Catching a few rays with Geddy Lee of Rush.

Doobie Brothers John McFee, J.B. & Tom Johnston.

More amazing stories were revealed! John McFee, J.B. & Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers.

Ann Wilson, J.B. & Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Ann Wilson, Joe & Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Unc interviewing Steve Miller.

J.B. interviewing Steve Miller before his Greek Theatre show.

Unc w/Rob Halford

J.B. and the legendary Metal God,
Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

Peter Frampton & Joe Benson

Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Frampton and Joe Benson!

Gene Simmons, Unc & Paul Stanley

Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley show Unc how it's done.

Kelly Hanson, Mick Jones & J.B.

Foreigner's Kelly Hanson & Mick Jones with J.B..

J.B. & Graham Nash.

Hanging with the incredible Graham Nash.

Don Felder showing Joe how to play guitar.

Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder teaches Joe his personal guitar fingering technique.

Eddie Kramer goofing w/J.B.

Producer/engineer/photographer Eddie Kramer shares some signs with Unc.

J.B. & Roger Daltrey.

Roger Daltrey of The Who
with one of his band's biggest fans.

Unc & Andy Johns.

Joe and producer Andy Johns momentarily interrupt the stories.

J.B. & John Fogerty.

J.B. and John Fogerty had a blast talking about everything from the earliest days to John's great new album "Revival."

Scorpions! with Unc.

Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Klaus Meine, James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda of the Scorpions getting rowdy after a lengthy chat with Uncle Joe.

Joe & Ann Wilson.

Ann Wilson of Heart and Joe had a blast talking about her new album.

Phil Collen, Viv Campbell  & JB.

Def Leppard guitarists Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen hanging out in J.B.'s garage.

J.B. w/Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks and Joe's prom photo.

Unc with Jack Blades & Tommy Shaw.

One of these is not like the rest: Jack Blades and
Tommy Shaw with their Unc.

J.B. & Paul Stanley.

After a lengthy chat with Paul Stanley about KISS and his new solo album, Unc considers going out on tour with him.

Stewart Copeland & Unc.

Unc and Police drummer/film maker Stewart Copeland celebrate the skills of Death Metal drummers.

Steve Miller goofing w/Unc.

Steve Miller and J.B. share the credit (or blame).

Joe Elliott, Viv Campbell & Unc.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott and guitarist Vivian Campbell sandwich Unc after discussing Irish pubs and sea shanties.

Ian Gillan  & Unc.

Put famed Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan in a studio with famed Deep Purple fan Joe Benson and get ready for the stories to fly!

Howard Massey w/Unc & Geoff Emerick.

Just imagine two of the world's biggest Beatle fans hanging with the Fab Four's main recording engineer. As you can see, famed author Howard Massey, Uncle Joe and the legendary Geoff Emerick were ready to go for more!

David Coverdale w/Unc.

Singer David Coverdale and J.B. had a blast digging into Deep Purple and Whitesnake stories.

Kenny Aronoff  & Unc.

After a couple of sessions with J.B., super drummer Kenny Aronoff finally demonstrated his signature bald & beautiful technique to keeping the groove!

Unc w/Nick Mason

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason joined J.B. for an exclusive, in-depth interview for OFF THE RECORD and a discussion of sports car racing adventures. Judging from the photo, it looks like they also practiced their kung fu moves!!

Unc in studio with Styx

During Joe's extensive conversation with J.Y., Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan of Styx about their new album "Big Bang Theory," Tommy snapped a photograph of three squirrels.

Unc w/John Densmore

Doors drummer John Densmore and Unc had a blast doing an in-depth interview for OTR.

Queen's Roger Taylor and J.B.
J.B. and Queen's Brian May

Queen's Roger Taylor and Brian May with J.B. during a rehearsal break.